Fertility Consultation Online

Fertility Consultation Online

For anyone who is unable to attend my clinic in Cork, an online consultation is available via email. You will receive a link to a consultation form.  Both you and your partner should complete the form and click submit in order to receive your personalised Natural Fertility Programme. The completed form is saved to an encrypted database so you don’t have to worry about anyone other than me accessing your personal information. It may take up to a week to receive your plan. The link to consultation form is valid for 90 days. The cost is €95 and covers both of you.

Fertility Consultation Online

The questionnaire covers areas such as your age, work environment, social habits, pregnancy and menstrual cycle history, body weight, medication and vitamin supplements and any diagnosed medical conditions. If, having read “who is this suitable for” on the home page, you are still not sure if you are suitable for my Natural Fertility Programme please contact me by clicking the button below and give me any additional information you think is relevant.

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