Guide to seed cycling for menstrual health ebook


A guide to seed cycling for menstrual health ebook. Get the right nutrients at the right time of the month. Say goodbye to period cramps.


Using Nature’s resources to get the right nutrients at the right time of the month.

Various menstrual problems have been linked to nutrient deficiencies including

  • period pain
  • oestrogen dominance
  • heavy periods
  • too light periods
  • short luteal phase
  • spotting
  • low progesterone
  • irregular cycles
  • miscarriage
  • mood swings
  • cravings
  • cervical mucous

Seed cycling is a simple method of delivering high quality nutrients, when they are needed most. This guide will tell you which nutrients are needed, which seeds are best at what quantities and at what time of your cycle. It also caters for those whose cycle is irregular or absent. With tasty recipes and an additional guide to maximising nutrient content, this 38 page ebook will change your mind about what a normal period looks like. Say goodbye to problem periods and hello to wholesome health.

This is the ideal way to get started with balancing hormones and replenishing resources after miscarriage or hormonal birth control and completely safe during the two week wait.

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