What I Do

I help couples who struggle with fertility to achieve a successful pregnancy by producing a personalised nutrition and lifestyle fertility programme for them to follow.

My Philosophy

Nature has been succeeding with fertility and reproduction since the beginning of time. The more in alignment with Nature we are, the more Nature can show up and help us. Not only does Nature want us to reproduce, she wants our offspring to reproduce too.

My Methods

I will go through a full medical and lifestyle questionnaire with both of you. I will listen carefully to what your current lifestyle is like and identify the areas that are out of alignment with Nature. Based on that information I will devise a personalised plan for each of you, taking into account any restrictions such as shiftwork, exposure to toxins, time limitations, ability to cook. Your plan will be as close to your current lifestyle as is possible but with the focus on aligning both of you with Nature. The first thing I would ask each of you to change is you mind – being open to change will set you up for success whereas resistance to change will make it harder. My role in coaching you to success is to help you overcome each and every barrier to change until you succeed to conceive.

My Goals

My goal is simple, you have asked me to help you to succeed to conceive. My objective is to get you pregnant and keep you pregnant all in one go. Whether you are trying to get pregnant naturally or with the help of medical interventions, what you do in the three months prior to conception will influence the genetic instruction, the implementation of the instruction and the long term health of your offspring and indeed their own children. I am here to help you succeed.

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