So you’ve decided to have a baby

It’s time to make your dream a reality.

Maybe you’ve not yet started trying or

Maybe you feel you HAVE tried everything and are still struggling to conceive,

You’re in the right place.


My name is Claire Burrows,

and I’ve worked with hundreds of couples to give them the best chance of conceiving a baby.

One in six couples experience difficulty getting pregnant – you are not alone.

The world’s greatest power in baby making is NATURE. In accessing the power of Nature you can harness your body’s natural ability to make babies. It’s so mind-blowingly effective: implementing nutrition and lifestyle changes results in an 80% success rate in improving fertility. That’s eight out of ten women! While IVF and other interventions struggle to achieve even 36% success.

Working with Nature is kinder to your body, easier on your wallet and frankly the most effective way to make a healthy, happy baby. I’d love to help you do the same, at a cost that means this service is available to everyone: 

Are you ready to make your dream of becoming parents a reality?

Are you both willing to make simple nutrition and lifestyle changes in order to grow your family?

There is nothing I like to hear more than those three little words…..’two blue lines’ 

I’d love you to meet some special people:

Baby Grace

Mum was very anxious after her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. Grace now has a little sister and a baby brother.

Baby Nina

Mum was aged 45

Lia, Nina's big sister

First time mum aged 43

Baby Amelia

Rainbow baby after many miscarriages


Rainbow baby brother to Amelia

Baby Conor

Success after 10 years of unexplained infertility and ectopic pregnancies caused by fertility drug Clomid

Baby Eva

Conor’s little sister arrived safely after mum lost a fallopian tube due to fertility drug Clomid

Secondary Infertility success after 13 years

Secondary Infertility success after 13 years resolved in just 3 months of simple nutrition and lifestyle changes

Baby Daniel

A little brother after miscarriage

Mum aged 45, IVF success after 6 failed attempts

This couple tried IVF unsuccessfully numerous times before improving their chances with simple nutrition and lifestyle changes

Rainbow baby after multiple miscarriages

Despite having 2 children already without issue, they experienced multiple miscarriages before completing their personalised Natural Fertility Programme

While you’re ready to have a baby and can’t wait to welcome your little bundle of love into your heart, you might not be sure natural fertility will work for you.

None of this is insurmountable.

None of it.

Nature wants us to conceive and wants our children to conceive when they’re grown. We’re meant to reproduce, but our lifestyles and much of what we put into our bodies make it more difficult than it should be.

You’re not powerless, no matter what you might have heard from your doctors.

The Now Baby Natural Fertility Programme can help, and you don’t have to remortgage your home to make it happen. 

I’ve worked with couples in all the situations outlined above, and nearly every single couple that’s stuck to the plan and made the simple lifestyle and nutrition changes is now raising a beautiful child (or more!).



I know your frustration and your pain.

From now on there needn’t be anymore….


No more....


  • disappointment every month
  • searching online for solutions
  • spending a fortune on treatments that don’t work
  • frustration when someone else announces their pregnancy
  • trawling TTC forums getting unqualified advice
  • wondering if it will ever happen for you
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